About Eyekiss Photography


A long, long time ago, in a far off land called Wigan – at a wedding reception really – heavy camera bag perched on my shoulder, me and a guest stood at the bar tied and gagging for a pint.  Picking up his pint he said  “Nikon, good camera.  Need a good camera to take a good picture.  Can’t afford one of them.  Wish I could” then he was gone.


I was left feeling a little sad about what he thought and it got me thinking about why I ended up being a Photographer.Here is my conclusion.  

Any camera is capable of taking a good picture, even a shoebox pinhole camera.  It is only a tool. 


A Photographer uses a camera

An Artist uses a paint brush

A Brickie uses a trowel


The only thing needed is for it to be fit for purpose and at best, reliable. Its how you want to use that tool.

For me it’s a means of capturing and sharing that special fleeting moment – like the look on a child’s face safe and secure in his dad’s arms; the woman radiant with confidence and self esteem, or the look on the man’s face when he achieves the impossible.


There are many many more images I try to lookout for and if they are uplifting and inspiring then I know I have been eyekissed.


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